Guardia Stain Preventing and Waterproofing Spray
AED: 75

Guardia uses advanced German Nano-Technology to form a super-hydrophobic liquid repelling coat on applied surfaces. It creates an invisible barrier on the applied surface without affecting its feel or breathability. This allows liquids to slide off the coated surface clearing dirt and preventing stains

- For use on all kinds of FABRIC ITEMS
- Such as the Following:

  Clothing  |  Leather & Suede  |  Shoes & Sneakers  | Car Mats & Seats

- One application lasts up to 90 days
- Net Content: 250 ml

Where to use




غير مرئي


من دون رائحة

Prevent Stains

ضد البقع



Quick Dry

سريع الجفاف

Doesn't Affect Texture

لا يؤثر على ملمس الأقمشة

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Easy One Step Application:
1. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated open area.
2. Shake well before usage.
3. Make sure application surface is clean and dry.
4. Hold the can vertically and spray onto surface from a distance of about 10 - 15 cm. Make sure the surface is completely wet after application.
5. Finally, let it completely dry naturally under a well-ventilated place for up to 30 minutes. For best results and no odor, leave it overnight to dry.
6. If there is any visible residue, wipe off with damp cloth after surface is completely dry.

You can cover either:
• About 3-4 suit blazer front sides
• About 4-5 pairs of shoes
• About 2 Kandora front sides

Just pour clean water. Water will slide off the coated surface clearing dirt and preventing stains.

One application can last up to 90 days or until next wash.

Machine-washing the article can remove the Nano coating.